Totem Stamps


Designing at the crossroads of arts and crafts, we offer organic expressions that are steeped in an opulent tradition while embracing a more figurative Nordic modernity.

Signature Stamps


Made to Measure textiles are created especially for you. Unique combinations of our totem signature stamps and watermarks adorn the panels and make them your own sacred object.


  Scenery Textile Panels  




A totem captures the spirit of a living thing and simplifies the magnitude of that spirit into a tiny package. You and your totem are two spirits connected.


Bespoke Totem Textiles


Get your own favorite totem animal or emblem to adorn your textile panels.

For bespoke, special orders we create ink-painted, hand-drawn totem stamps of your own choice. Its empowering spirit being is always present in your space.






5 year old Eugene´s favorit animal is the bear. These totem textiles were created especially for him, to draw him into a dreamy mood of empowering motifs.




…is nature not the totem of love