Textile Panels

Here you can shop a limited selection of our ready-made textile panels in standart measurements.

They are sustainably produced in Denmark on a delicate 100% eco-certified Linnen, from ink-painted, hand-drawn, collaged motifs. 



Ready-made Textile Panels



Soon there will be new Vang Stensgaard goodies in our little web-boutique. We are in the process of producing delicious, ready-made textile panels for you, in standart measurements.

They are sustainably printed here in Denmark on a lovely 100% Eco-certified linen fabric.




Oh yes, we are creating a special edition from the world of Sylfiden. 

Soon you can get it here in our little web boutique 

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Soon you can get a selection of artworks created for the Auguste Rodin exhibition  `Displacements´

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