`Let nature crawl on in´


Fabric Fables

We create interior textiles that are printed from ink-painted, hand-drawn collaged motives that are vividly layered to create a richly unique whole. We create fabric fables that flow from our imaginations to our drafting tables, and finally to private homes or public spaces.


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Scenery Textile Panels


 Textile panels are here forming a striking closet cover.

Click to see full artwork EASTER BELL - Royal Pollen


New Dawn blush link

 Textile panels used as room dividers.

Click to see full artwork NEW DAWN - Rose


Panels and Hangings


Our domestic artworks can be used in a variety of ways that encourages playful experimentation : as room dividers, closet covers, acoustic softeners ,drapes and curtains. 

For the walls we produce hangings that are a delightful, eye-catching blend of fine art and tapestry.


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Wall Hangings



Wall Hanging OPIUM - Matcha Green


`Scenery Textile Panels´ in it's full splendour

Shortcut to this artwork EASTER BELL - Potters Pink


blooming hawk cherry

Left: 1 panel of EASTER BELL- Potters Pink 

Right: A mix of BLOOMING HAWK - Cherry  and Easter Bell - Royal Pollen


Private Home in New York City.

From left OPIUM - Matcha Green and EASTER BELL - Royal Pollen


Fill your room with one juicy color or mix and match the panels to create your own playful colour block composition. 

 COLOUR COLLECTION - Textile Panels