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All our artworks are hand-tailored and made to measure in Denmark. Our textiles are produced in Holland. We offer beautiful functionality for private customers,
as well as restaurants, hotels, and venues.

textile panels

wall hangings


Textile panels are a new way to bring beauty into your living space. They can be used as room dividers, drapes, or curtains. Though designed to be grouped in arrays of from four to six panels of 126cm in width, our domestic artworks can be selected in any number of panels you desire.

You can combine panels from one artwork or mix and match panels from various artworks to create your own unique decor. As an example, lengths of from 250 to 350cm can be made to measure. Any lesser or greater length can be accommodated as a special order. We take pride in helping you to make the most satisfying choices. 

Abstract no. 5

Blooming Hawks

Blooming Hawks

Blooming Hawk

Blooming Hawks

Blooming Hawks

Blooming Hawks

Blooming Hawks

Delivery time
All our designs are made to order. This means that we have a delivery time of
5-6 weeks.



To order textile panels or inquire more details, please write us and we will
get back to within 2-3 work days.

Like a cherished antique carpet, our textiles’ natural colours and dyes will fade over time. This organic process is part of the joy of owning a VANG STENSGAARD artwork, and resembles nature itself, always in beautiful transition.

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