INTO THE WILD - steel blue / EASTER BELL - pearl blue / MORNING CREEK - dovetail grey

As designers for the stage and screen, we are creators of dramatic interior textiles and wall hangings.

VANG STENSGAARD is an interior universe that expands outward from a profound passion for both the natural and the imagined worlds. Layers of shadow and light remind us of bygone days that draw you into dreamy motifs that live and breathe with inviting translucence.

Our panels and hangings are fabricated with a raw yet poetic sense that we offer to you with strokes of vibrancy and decay. Our textiles recall the ever-changing moods of the seasons to become alluring stage curtains for your life.

VANG STENSGAARD is where function meets fantasy.


VANG STENSGAARD textiles are printed from ink-painted, hand-drawn, virtuosically collaged motifs that are vividly layered, then finely finessed, to create a richly unique whole.

Working with a visual call-and-response method that encourages playful experimentation and stylistic interaction, we produce fabric fables that flow from our imaginations to our drafting tables, and finally to your home.

Designing at the crossroads of arts and crafts, we offer organic expressions that are steeped in an opulent tradition while embracing a more figurative Nordic modernity.

EASTER BELL - potters pink

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